Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Wendy's Market Research

I have reached the end of my coursework at BU - it's alittle bittersweet for me. I've enjoyed the educational experience and the mental challenge. However, I won't be missing the weekends and long nights. It will be nice to be able to see my son again and have dinners with him. I look forward to it.

This particular presentation is interesting because it doesn't seem like alot of research went into it, when in fact there are tons - 3 pages of resources to be exact. Marketing research was more than just googling up information - I went through databases as well as academic literature to find and retrieve competitor information, market share data and trends. The case provided results from an online survey, we used SPSS to redact data - using frequency counts, correlation, ANOVA, regression, factor analysis and cluster analysis. The charts attached were created with information retrieved via analysis. This was a real interesting class, one of my favorites. I'll never think about a survey the same again and will forever question the bits of information we are all occassionally given from 'studies'.

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